We are SweatLounge

Welcome to London’s flagship Infrared Light Therapy studio. We are on a mission to make biohacking easy, accessible, and available to everyone, not just the elite.

Our lounge is a place where you can accelerate your body’s recovery from the forces of nature, time, and our ever changing environment.  We have created a community of scientists, doctors, and experts who are invested in creating longevity and wellness solutions for everyone.  

By using our cutting-edge light technology and therapies we will boost your energy, lift your mood, accelerate healing and unlock a healthy glow. We want to extend your health-span and leave you feeling rejuvenated, inside and out.,

Meet our founder

Allison spent nearly 20 years on the road spearheading innovative technology businesses all over the globe. 

Late nights, early mornings, high stress environments were her daily life.  Allison’s health had taken a big hit after years on the road.  A series of injuries and the physiological stress of having two children left Allison with chronic injuries.  She knew there must be another solution than a life of constant pharmaceuticals.

Allison’s first experience with infrared light therapy was during a visit with family in the United States.  She was blown away by the improvement in her physical and mental vitality after only a few sessions.  Upon returning back to the UK, Allison was determined to bring this solution to her friends and family back home.  She has built a team of world class experts in the science of cellular aging in order to bring solutions to the UK market which have been traditionally only available to the elite consumer.  Her team of thought leaders continue to distil and demystify the biohacking industry in order to bring the most effective solutions to everyone in an easy to use way. 

Because for Allison, it’s more than just a business — it’s a conviction. Everyone has the right to live healthier and more vibrant lives.

The SweatLounge Mission

Our goal is to provide you with the easiest, most effective way to improve your longevity and increase your Health Span (the amount of time you live a healthy and fulfilling life).

We’ll help you to slow and incrementally reverse the aging process, through innovative light-based biotechnologies, along with complimentary supplements and therapies. We want to help as many people as possible to spend more healthy and vibrant time with their loved ones.

Invigorate your body

Boost your energy, lift your mood, accelerate healing and unlock a healthy glow.