more than just a sauna


We hate beauty industry fads and false claims, so we make sure that our sauna session benefits are backed by proper science.

Get Better Skin

In laboratory tests, scientists found that infrared sauna increased both collagen and elastin in the skin after just 2 hours, with an increase of >600% of elastin and nearly 80% of collagen after 5 hours. This makes infrared saunas an ace way to boost these two essential ingredients of a toned, smooth and youthful face. [Source]

Enjoy Improved Exercise Recovery

Infrared saunas help support post exercise recovery for both strength and endurance training. It produces similar effects to traditional sauna, better in some cases and most importantly without the cardiovascular stress that occurs in traditional saunas. [Source]

Remove Harmful Toxins

So many beauty products, treatments and diet fads claim to detoxify the body. But getting your sweat on has been proven to remove harmful elements from the body, in many cases more effectively than other natural methods of excretion. [Source]

Boost Your Mood And Energy

Whether you have a mental health condition or not, saunas can be a great mood booster. Research shows that whole-body heating stimulates the brain to produce serotonin and in a blind trial had a marked effect on depression even 6 weeks after treatment. There are early signs it can help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, most recently associated with Long Covid too. [Source and Source]

Lower Blood Pressure And LOSE INCHES

In one study, scientists studying infrared sauna use found a corresponding response of both decreased blood pressure and a reduced waist circumference. In a second study, regular sauna use showed an average of 4% reduction in body fat. (Source and Source]

Destress And Up Your Immune System

This study linked a measurable reduction in stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol with sauna use. What’s more it also measured immune response and found that also to be much improved. [Source]

Increase Your Flexibility

If you suffer from a stiff back or tight hamstrings, a sauna session is highly likely to help. The warming effects of the sauna allow the body’s muscle and tendon fibres to relax and stretch more than they do outside the sauna. [Source]

Invigorate your body

Boost your energy, lift your mood, accelerate healing and unlock a healthy glow.